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World-Class Passenger Trains
What"s old is new again: the old-fashioned railway is getting a major facelift, due to requirements in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The vision of the High Speed Rail Initiative is to transform the nation"s transportation system, by rebuilding existing rail infrastructure while launching new high-speed passenger rail services in 100-600 mile corridors that connect U.S. communities.   
An unprecedented $8 billion is committed to high speed rail as a down payment on a national network of corridors. The expected benefits include: economic expansion at train stops, new manufacturing jobs, new choices for travelers, and a reduction in dependence on foreign oil. It is a green choice, as intercity passenger rail service consumes one-third less energy per passenger-mile than cars.
All Aboard!
The ten major corridors being identified for potential high-speed rail projects include:
• California Corridor (Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego)
• Pacific Northwest Corridor (Eugene, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver BC)
• South Central Corridor (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock)
• Gulf Coast Corridor (Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, Birmingham, Atlanta)
• Chicago Hub Network (Chicago, Milwaukee, Twin Cities, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville)
• Florida Corridor (Orlando, Tampa, Miami)
• Southeast Corridor (Washington, Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Macon, Columbia, Savannah, Jacksonville)
• Keystone Corridor (Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh)
• Empire Corridor (New York City, Albany, Buffalo)
• Northern New England Corridor (Boston, Montreal, Portland, Springfield, New Haven, Albany)
No more traffic jams or long lines at the airport, because travelers have a slick new option.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Railroad Jobs, Contributing Editor

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